‘Tis The Day After Christmas

Good morning Universe. Okay, well I’m like dead tired from the pre-holiday and holiday as most of you are too. It is the day after Christmas who really wants to be up lol…  yet I’m up and in bed typing this while my husband just left for the gym. Now usually I would be up cleaning, doing dishes, laundry and possibly making me some coffee while he’s away doing his thing. But NOPE, not today. I’m totally not being the normal housewife I am. I’m going to chill out and “be a bum”. My children are still asleep so this is going to be some me time. Usually on my me time I would read one of my newest books, crochet some project I’m on but I’m on a mission to figure out how to blog my mommy ideas, rants, questions etc. This will be hard but I’m determined to connect with more Stay at Home Moms/ Housewives as I like to call myself. Yes, I call myself a Housewife I grew up raised by my maternal Grandparents so I’m a bit old fashion thinking mixed with some 80’s Metal…don’t ask I’m a Gemini that just tells ya a little right there about me a teeny bit.


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